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2020 Drone Vision is an Ottawa based company that understands what it takes to produce quality aerial and ground video content.  With over 30 years producing and directing international, national and regional broadcast programming we are positioned as an industry leader.

2020 Drone Vision is fully compliant to all government regulations.  With trained and certified UAV pilots, we have a standing Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada permitting us to legally fly anywhere in Canada.  2020 Drone Vision carries $5 million dollars in property and liability insurance (Parks Canada requirement); and will fulfill all necessary Canadian Air Regulations requirements and paperwork.

From concept to the final product, 2020 Drone Vision provides all you need to successfully and effectively realize your goals for video production.



Utilizing the latest in broadcast technology, 20/20 Drone Vision never compromises in quality video production. We will maximize production value within the confines of your budget.



For over 30 years our people have produced regional, national and international broadcast programming including coverage of the PGA , LPGA, NHL, NBA, and six Olympic Games; and for networks such as CTV, TSN, ESPN, FOX Sports and The Golf Channel.



From concept, visualization, scripting and full pre-production, 20/20 Drone Vision will utilize the latest technology, taking you through all aspects of production.

Our Clients & Endorsements

City of Ottawa

CPAC and Global News needed representative scenics of the most important buildings and iconic shots in the City of Ottawa. With a lot of pre-production and planning, 2020 Drone Vision received approvals from the RCMP and numerous local and federal government agencies and departments. We were then afforded unheard of access to some of the most architecturally stunning visuals in the City. Quite a thrill for our team!

Recent Work

CTV’s Amazing Race Canada asked 2020 Drone Vision to fly and shoot for an episode in Ottawa. Crazy to watch teams running around arranging Chevrolet Equinox’ in the form of C-A-N-A-D-A at Hog’s Back in Ottawa. Lots of fun and an awesome opportunity to fly and shoot for one of the highest rated shows on television in Canada.

20/20 DRONE VISION Aerial and Ground Video Production

With over 30 years of producing and directing international, national and regional network broadcast programming 20/20 Drone Vision is positioned as the industry leader.  Discover how we can provide you with quality, effective aerial and ground video content.


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20/20 Drone Vision is an Ottawa based company that understands what it takes to produce quality video content. Have a project you’d like to see come to life? Contact us today!

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