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Professional Drone Video Production

At 2020 DRONE VISION we have the experience and expertise to deliver the highest quality images and the post-production capabilities to finish the job right!

Click below for answers to some of our most common questions regarding capturing professional drone aerial footage.

What are UAV’s or Drones?

RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) is the new name for drones.  In Canada any remotely controlled aircraft, regardless of size, is considered to be a RPAS when used commercially.

Are UAV’s and Drones safe?

RPAS (drones) are as safe as the operators controlling them.   At 2020 DRONE VISION, safety is paramount.  Every operation is planned and executed following a specific safety and quality checklist to ensure all systems are operating in perfect working order.  All ‘flights’ are coordinated with a ground supervisor, flight supervisor, and two pilots.

Operations of camera pan, tilt and roll. How is it accomplished? How many operators?

The Inspire 1 has tilt, pan and roll correction with gimbal stabilized on all 3 axis.

Single operator set up:
Method of pan is accomplished by the pilot by turning the aircraft left or right. The pilot controls aircraft flight and tilt. Roll is automatic level.

Dual operator set up:
Recommended, a dual pilot set up allows for one pilot to control only the aircraft and the camera operator to control the independent camera mount with 360 degrees of pan and 180 degrees of tilt independent from the pilot.  The dual operator set up is for more complex shots such as when a shot is following behind a moving subject then swings around to be in front of it.  A good example is race cars on a track which is a complex move that requires two operators.

How high can the remote helicopter drone fly? How far?

While the Inspire 1 can fly to a height of 1,500 feet and 1.7 kilometers away, government regulations require a maximum altitude of about 400 feet and a maximum horizontal distance of about 750 feet.  If operated within a chase vehicle this distance can be greatly increased to thousands of feet.  It is very important and also a government regulation that the RPAS is always within line of sight.

What if the weather is bad the day of my shoot?

We will be glad to reschedule your shoot for another day subject to availability.

Is the remote helicopter gas or battery powered?

Clean, quiet and battery powered, approximate flight time is 15 minutes.  We have multiple batteries to fly again with a reload time of only about two minutes.  Furthermore, we have generators to re-charge batteries on site, allowing us to go all day.

What do you need to recharge batteries?

Two simple wall outlets 110 volts or we can supply a gas powered generator. Recharge time for a single battery is 90 minutes.  For large amounts of flying wall outlets are much preferred.

Do you offer in house video and photo editing?

Yes to both. For customers who want a complete aerial video package from A- to Z we can handle that as well.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes we can, in large unobstructed areas such as gymnasiums or arenas however, we cannot fly over people.

Can you operate at night?

With new Transport Canada RPAS rules, and with the proper NAV Canada approvals we can fly at night.

How long does it take you to set up at each flight location?

About 5 to 10 minutes.

How do you get flight information, GPS?

The Inspire 1 is GPS Enabled with position hold and fly to way point ability all viewable on a map with preflight planning and mission simulation via google earth.  Full coverage includes altitude, speed, distance and other relevant data.

How close can you fly to subjects?

We can operate safely about 10 feet of an actor or subject in optimum location and wind conditions.

How much room do you need to land and take off for the Remote Helicopter?

About 15 foot by 15 foot flat hard surface is recommended without dust.

Do you provide a live monitor? Can what the camera is shooting be seen in real time?

Yes we have dual monitors on the ground.  One is delegated for the client/director/cam operator and the other for pilot.

What is the maximum wind speed you can fly in?

We have operated successfully in 25 MPH winds but that is not ideal; we recommend flying and shooting in under 20 MPH wind conditions.

How do you do long chase shots?

While not an effective way to fly/shoot, we could utilize a flatbed vehicle or boat whereby the pilot controls the RPAS following the subject.

What are the limitations?

While our Inspire 1’s can fly to up to 1,500 feet and 1.7 km away, we do not fly above 400 feet to keep line-of-sight visuals with the RPAS; to avoid manned air traffic and to maintain video quality.  Weather conditions also factor into producing quality video, so we don’t fly in winds above 25 kph, in low fog or low visibility or rainy conditions, and temperatures below -20 degrees celcius.

What differentiates an Inspire 1 and your services from other hobbyists?

First and foremost it is illegal for recreational flyers to fly for the purpose of commercial operations.  Transport Canada requires commercial operators have completed and have an Advanced Oprators Certicate which allows flying with the correct approvals, into controlled airspace.  While most hobby grade drones utilize a GoPro or similar camera, they lack a 3 axis gimbal stabilization system that the Inspire 1 provides.  Furthermore, the Inspire 1 has gps accuracy, video monitoring, 360* panning, zoom and tilt in a 4K camera.  There is really nothing comparable to going professional.  Don’t make the mistake of paying for inferior hardware and skills. At 2020 DRONE VISION we have the experience and expertise to deliver the highest quality images and the post-production capabilities to finish the job right!

Is insurance necessary?

While there are no regulations to flying and insurance, 2020 DRONE VISION is fully insured with $5 million in liability (Parks Canada minimum requirement) and can add your company and client to our policy.

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