How We Do It

Our Competitive Edge

We know how to tell your story in easy to understand terms and with visually stunning clarity.

At 20/20 DRONE VISION, we are fully insured with $5 million in liability and property coverage (Parks Canada requirement); standing SFOC with Transport Canada; and have decades of experience and knowledge in regional, national and international network broadcast program production experience in sports, entertainment and news.

We are results driven and guarantee our work.

Our Process

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Our Equipment is State-of-the-Art

Our UAV is the DJI Inspire 1 with a 3 axis gimbal stabilization system; gps accuracy; video monitoring; 360 degree panning, zoom and tilt in a 4K Sony camera that provides recording formats of MP4 / MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264) / 720p / 1080p / 4k ( 24,30,60 fps ).  We also have at our disposal Sony 320 HD, FS7 4K, as well as, Canon DSLR cams and multiple audio recorders as required.  We properly correct all videos or photos for colour and any other undesirable imperfections and deliver edited ready for use video and photographs, with or without graphics and voice over.


DJI Inspire 1 Highlights

  • Small footprint size – Approximate 1.6 foot diameter / weight 6.5 lbs /
  • Can be operated indoors or virtually anywhere
  • Live HD video streaming – support for live television, live news or YouTube
  • Exclusive Inspire 1 camera and lens made by Sony
  • EXMOR 1/2.3” Lens 20mm (35mm format equivalent/2.8 focus at ∞ Anti-distortion)
  • Recording Formats: MP4 / MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264) / 720p / 1080p / 4k ( 24,30,60 fps )
  • 3 axis gimbal stabilized video / Live SD video downlink or live HD downlink
  • Two person control (1 for the camera, 1 for the UAV) or optional single operator
  • Flight time approximately 15 min per battery.  Multiple batteries provided to insure uninterrupted shooting. Recharging as needed.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Our Inspire 1 is regularly maintained and serviced, ensuring no down time.  If the weather is bad, or if other hazards exist we don’t fly until the issue is corrected.  The safety of the public, our clients and our personnel are extremely important to us.  For the protection of our customers and staff, we operate under strict safety requirements. Each flight is preceded by a safety briefing and a series of detailed pre-flight safety and equipment checks.  Our pilots hold aeronautical training and certification to Transport Canada standards, having completed a Civil and Commercial UAV Training Certificate, issued by CCUVS.

20/20 DRONE VISION is fully insured in excess of Transport Canada’s requirements at $1 million liability and property coverage, and our operations adhere to Transport Canada regulations as we hold a standing SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) as well as necessary approvals from NAV Canada.

20/20 Drone Features

  • Seamless 4k Video
  • High Altitude Visuals
  • Voice Over Narration
  • Post Production Editing
  • Certified & Insured Pilots
  • Broadcast Industry Professionals

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