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We deliver edited ready for use video and photographs, with or without graphics and voice over.

Utilizing the latest in UAV technology – the DJI Inspire 1 with 3 axis gimbal stabilized video and Sony 4K HD camera, this four prop drone has an extremely small footprint and can be operated indoors.  We always come prepared with multiple batteries ensuring uninterrupted shooting.

We believe safety is paramount; all our pilots are fully trained and certified RPAS operators who have Transport Canada’s Advanced Operations Certificates; we fulfill necessary approvals to fly from NAV Canada and any other stakeholders; and we carry $5 milllion in liability and property insurance.

Golf Course/Resort Video

Twenty years producing regional, national and international network golf programming including launching The Golf Channel with such shows as “Golf Today” and “Academy Live”, as well as producing/directing “The Rick Smith Signature Series” on ESPN and FOX Sports regional networks proves that we understand the golf industry like no other.  We specialize in a full range of services and video production that guarantees an improved digital presence.  For your web site, apps, and on-cart gps systems, we can provide an overview of your course or resort, philosophy, and individual hole fly-overs with voice over narration and graphics.

Aerial Videography, Cinematography and Promotional Marketing

Making a feature film, commercial, music video, promotional marketing or other type of video production?  If so then you already know the benefits of an aerial perspective for your production. We can fly where full size aircraft cannot!  We can fly through narrow areas such as city streets or through natural obstructions.

The best part – you can be the director!  Viewing the same image as the camera operator, you get the exact images you want and expect.

20/20 Drone Features

  • Seamless 4k Video
  • High Altitude Visuals
  • Voice Over Narration
  • Post Production Editing
  • Certified & Insured Pilots
  • Broadcast Industry Professionals

Marinas, Ski Resorts & Vacation Resorts

Promote your ski and vacation resort, properties, and marinas with stunning, geographical views of all your amenities.  Utilizing the topography, waterfront, trees, foliage and natural settings in never seen before video and photographic footage will provide your marketing materials, website and promotional videos with stunning high altitude visuals that will separate your company from the competition.

Infrastructure, Building & Structural Inspection

In areas with difficult or no access, we can safely assist you inspect and monitor building, construction site, energy, transportation, communication and structural infrastructures.  Aerial videography is performed quickly and on demand with live, precise, high resolution imagery transmitted immediately for on and offsite assessment and decision making.

Critical and preventative monitoring can be carried out on a regular basis at great cost savings and protection to human life.

Aerial Inspection Of

  • Difficult to Access Areas
  • Building Infrastructure
  • Constructions Sites
  • Transportation Infrastructure

Real Estate Services

Give your listing the WOW factor it needs to compete in today’s Buyer’s Market.  See how our various services can benefit you and your clients.  Provide your buyers with a whole new perspective of the house and property from the air through uniquely stunning high altitude promotional material.  For those wanting indoor footage, fully insured, we can fly through the house giving 360 degree view tours.

Our drone and skilled ‘pilot’ camera people can capture high quality, steady HD and 4K video and photographs indoors, from the ground, and up to 400 feet in the sky depending on the property.

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